Transfer funds straight to cards.

Easily and quickly send payouts directly to over a billion eligible cards. 

Why send Payouts?

It's secure!

We use existing networks from Visa and MasterCard to ensure secure transfers.

It's fast!

If the bank supports Fast Funds then payments arrive in 30 minutes or less

Send anywhere!

You can send funds to over 200 countries and 120 different currencies.

All your payment needs

Whether you are paying gig workers, issuing corporate rebates, reimbursing expenses, paying suppliers, paying affiliates or processing VAT refunds. 

Usin Payouts makes payments simple, quick and easy. 

How do Payouts works

Pay funds into account

Transfer the funds you would like to send into your PinPointPay account.

Send us the transaction details

Securely send us the transaction details using our secure API.

We send it

We send the funds to be processed through Visa OCT or MasterCard MoneySend services.

Recipient receives payment

In 30 minutes or less (with Fast Funds) the recipient gets their payment.


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